Building and Code Enforcement Division

The Building & Code Enforcement Division is responsible for permitting and monitoring construction activity within St. Charles. This Division is also responsible for enforcement of property maintenance, building & life safety, and zoning codes. The Building & Code Enforcement Division also administers other permits such as Special Events and Outdoor Cafes.

Key Documents

Zoning Map

Paper copies of the Zoning Map are available for purchase from the Building and Code Enforcement Division at 2 E. Main St. for $5.

To search for the Zoning classification of a specific address, use the My Neighborhood property search utility.

Zoning regulations are located in the Zoning Ordinance, Title 17 of the City Code.

Further questions on the zoning classifications or regulations may be directed to the Community Development Department at (630) 377-4443.


General contact info

(630) 377-4406