Return of Charlemagne: The 2014 Strategic Plan

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St. Charles, Illinois
Preserving our heritage,fostering opportunity,
building community, and enhancing quality of life for all.

On Monday, December 1, 2008, the City Council unanimously approved a new, 5-year strategic plan.

The strategic plan specifies a new Mission/Purpose Statement, Guiding Principles, Vision Areas, Goals, and Objectives for the City of St. Charles that define the City's vision, gives staff direction on how to proceed, and acts as a roadmap for the future.

The City worked with Lynn Montei, of Montei Associates, to help facilitate the four-phase process. These processes included:

  • Phase 1, Project Initiation and Design
  • Phase 2, Engagement of the Community
  • Phase 3, City Council Review
  • Phase 4, Validation and Adoption

We started with a desire to establish a vision for the year 2014. The planning efforts included participation from a diverse group of stakeholders including residents, businesses and community organizations; this will help guarantee its success.

The strategic plan will be used to communicate the City's priorities to City staff, citizens, investors, the media, potential employees, and other stakeholders, such as other local governments, neighboring cities, or other regional partners. 

Citys Council's adoption of this plan is not the final milestone in our journey towards the future. Because strategic planning efforts will ultimately affect all employees, visitors, citizens, businesses, and people of St. Charles both in daily activities and long-term plans, we must now work to encourage adoption and implementation of this plan with every stakeholder. In 2009, we will look forward to everyone's involvement as we begin making our 'plans' into achievements.

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