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Lane Closures on the Illinois Ave. Bridge & Riverside Ave.

Temporary Closures are for Sewer Line Work

From June 9, 2014 to July 3, 2014, a contractor for the City Sanitary Sewer division will be working on sanitary sewer lines near the intersection of the Illinois Ave. Bridge and Riverside Ave. 

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City Economic Development Director Christopher Aiston to Retire July 31

Aiston Spent 30 Years in Public Service

Chris Aiston, Economic Development Director for the City of St. Charles, has announced that he will retire Wednesday, July 31, after 30 years in government service.

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St. Charles Youth Police Academy

The St. Charles Police Department will host its first ever Youth Police Academy this summer. Read more »

How can I save on energy costs?

About 60% of your total energy usage comes from heating and cooling; another 20% results from heating your water, and the other 20% comes from appliances and lighting.

You can save energy costs by following some of these familiar steps.

A.   Turn off the lights when leaving the room, especially incandescent bulbs. The bulbs are only about 20% efficient. The rest of the energy is given off as heat. On the other hand, converting to modern compact florescent bulbs, which are lower in wattage and longer lasting, will conserve more energy. Read more »

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