Avoiding Green Dot Money Pak Scams

Years ago, scam artists perfected the use of Money Gram or Western Union wire transfers to bilk unsuspecting people out of money. Today, Green Dot MoneyPaks are the choice of scammers. MoneyPaks are a relatively new way of transferring money, and are available at more than 50,000 retailers nationwide.

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Too Good For Drugs™

Too Good For Drugs™ is a school-based (K-8) prevention program designed to reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) use among students. Too Good For Drugs™ has a separate, developmentally-appropriate curriculum for each grade level. Each curriculum builds on earlier grade levels, an instructional design which enables students to learn important skills sequentially and retain them year after year.

Too Good for Drugs™ builds five essential life skills:

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Juvenile Fire Setters

For years within the fire service, firefighters have had the obligation of speaking with youths that have started fires. There was a time when children who set fires or played with fire were often taken to the fire station for a stern lecture from a firefighter. More recently, trained members of the fire service have interviewed firesetters and their families using more sophisticated intervention strategies.

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Kids Room - Fire Safety for Kids

Fire Extinguisher DemonstrationFire Apparatus of the Month

Type 3 Fire Extinguisher

PSI: 445 pounds per square inch
Weight: 34 lbs. filled - 12 lbs. empty
Inspection period: Once every 3 months

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Business and Group Programs

Fire Extinguisher Training

The Fire Department offers fire extinguisher training to the business community or any other interested group. The class includes a videotaped instructional program, brief lecture, handouts, and an opportunity to extinguish a live fire. The class is available upon request and is highly recommended for all adults. A nominal fee is charged for each class to cover the cost of the program. Please contact the Fire Department at (630) 377-4458 for more information. Read more »

How do I schedule an engine to visit my block party?

The Fire Department is happy to participate, when requested, in all permitted block parties.
A fire engine will visit the block party, and the firefighters will answer questions, demonstrate various pieces of equipment, and open the apparatus for viewing. Please call 630-377-4458 to schedule a date and time. A minimum of 2 weeks noticed if preferred.
Residents should contact the Police Department at (630) 377-4435 first to obtain the proper permit.


Annual Open House - Fire Department

Every year during Fire Prevention Week, the Fire Department hosts an open house at Fire Station #1, 105 North First Avenue.

The purpose of this event is to spread the fire safety message by encouraging everyone to come out and see what the department has to offer. Read more »

Tree Care: Watering Trees

Trees grow best when soils are moist to a depth of six inches. As a rule of thumb, it takes one inch of water to wet six inches of soil. Most of our soils have a lot of clay so they are very slow to absorb water (0.1 to 0.25 inches per hour). Contrary to popular belief, running the sprinkler system on your lawn won’t give your trees the water they need. It’s best to take a drip or soaker hose and coil it under the dripline of the tree. Read more »

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