How Can I Request a History of Prior Year Utility Bill?

Requests must be submitted either by phone (630-377-4426) or in writing (send to City of St. Charles, 2 E. Main St., St. Charles, IL  60174) by January 30, for the previous year's Utility Bill history.

Is there a Penalty for Late Payment of my Utility Bill?

There is a 10% late fee on current charges for bills not paid by the due date.  We will remove one late fee per year. 

Please contact Utility Billing at 630-377-4426 for removal of a fee.

Where are the City's Drop Box locations?

East side - 2700 block of East Main St., in the Foxfield Commons Shopping Center

City Hall Building - 2 E. Main St. near front entrance

City Municipal parking lot - next to the USPS mailbox

West side - SW corner of Main St. and 15th St.

Utility Billing Division

The Utility Billing Division collects and processes utility payments from residents and businesses for utilities provided by the City of St. Charles, including electric, water and sewer. This is also the place to go to set up a new utility account, transfer service, register to vote, purchase refuse bags or tags, replace recycling bins, and absentee vote. Their knowledgeable, friendly staff are ready to help with any utility needs.

Utility Billing Division
Department, if a division: 
Contact info

2 E. Main St.
St. Charles, IL 60174
(630) 377-4426

Public Contacts: 

Jill Martin

(630) 377-4426
Utility Billing Manager

Utility Payments and Deposits

Utility Payments & Deposit

Payment for utility bills can be made by automatic payment, mail, or at one of the four city drop boxes, or inside the Municipal Building at the Utility Billing Office. Drop boxes can be found at the following locations: Read more »

Reconnect Utilities

If utility service has been discontinued and you feel this was in error, call the Utility Billing Office at 630/377-4426 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Read more »

Start, Stop or Transfer Utility Services

Utility services provided by the City of St. Charles include electric, water, sewer, and refuse. To start, stop or transfer utility services, residential and business customers must call or visit the Utility Billing office at least one business day before the scheduled date and request service be transferred into their name.
Read more »

Electric Utility

About the Electric Utility

The St. Charles Municipal Electric Utility began in 1892, when the City Council unanimously approved a payment to Phillip Harvey of $520 for preliminary work on a lighting plant that would establish a City electric utility with capacity to power 1,500 incandescent lights. Soon after, the entire male population of St. Charles (272) voted by a 2/3 majority to approve the plan and invest $20,000 in the building and steam generator. Read more »

Public Works Electric Utility Division
Department, if a division: 
Public Works
Contact info

(630) 377-4407

Electric Outages
24 Hours - (866) 444-0016

Public Contacts: 

Tom Bruhl

(630) 377-4401
Electric Services Manager

Stephen Shroba

(630) 377-4475
Senior Distribution Engineer

Gary Sittler

(630) 377-4474
Electric Foreman

Erika Drennan

Substation Engineer

How can I save on energy costs?

About 60% of your total energy usage comes from heating and cooling; another 20% results from heating your water, and the other 20% comes from appliances and lighting.

You can save energy costs by following some of these familiar steps.

A.   Turn off the lights when leaving the room, especially incandescent bulbs. The bulbs are only about 20% efficient. The rest of the energy is given off as heat. On the other hand, converting to modern compact florescent bulbs, which are lower in wattage and longer lasting, will conserve more energy. Read more »

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