Broken Water Main Near Forest & Jewel Ave Has Been Repaired

A broken water main near Forest & Jewel Ave has been repaired. Water is turned back on. Turn on a faucet to begin flushing your pipes. If you notice rust-colored water, let the water run until it's clear. More info here bit.ly/1BEN6e0

Keep Your Water Pipes from Freezing

Public Works receives a lot of questions about how to “winterize” water pipes. You may need to winterize your water service if your home will be vacant (due to a move, sale, extended vacation, etc.) or when home renovations require shutting the water off.

Here are a few suggestions to avoid frozen pipes: Read more »

St. Charles Water Conservation Regulations in Effect May 1

Restricted Watering Times Effective May 1 through August 31

Read more »

Fall Hydrant Flushing Underway

The City of St. Charles will conduct fall hydrant flushing September 30 to October 10 Read more »

Watering Your Newly Planted Parkway Tree

Do you have a new parkway tree and have questions about watering it? Every new parkway tree the City plants receives a gator bag to help with watering the tree. The City will fill the gator bag initially when the tree is first planted, but asks that residents fill the bag thereafter. If your parkway tree appears thirsty, please fill the gator bag no more than once every two weeks, as long as we have not had significant rainfall.
A quick check of the soil underneath the mulch to see if it is moist will tell you if the tree needs water.
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