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Community Relations and Communication

The City of St. Charles places great emphasis on maintaining a good relationship with our citizens. These efforts can be classified into four categories: citizen participation, support of community pride, community cooperation, and good communication.

Citizen Participation

Citizens are invited and encouraged to become involved in a variety of ways. Feedback is welcome at public meetings, through our bi-annual Citizen Priorities Survey, and through our online feedback forms. Citizens also may be interested in sitting on one of the City's advisory boards or commissions, which examine and provide recommendations and guidance to the City Council on topics that directly impact the quality of life in St. Charles, such as the Natural Resources Commission, Youth Commission, and Plan Commission.

Support of Community Pride

Residents and businesses alike are proud of St. Charles, and what better way to show that pride than in the many festivals and events hosted here. The City of St. Charles supports local events, such as parades and festivals. City staff also provide traffic control, setup, and cleanup of events. All of the local organizations and government bodies meet regularly to coordinate events and marketing efforts. City staff and elected officials are always involved and encouraged to volunteer at the parades, festivals, and other local events. City employees do their part in supporting the many human service organizations that provide vital assistance to citizens in need. Monthly donations from employees support Lazarus House, United Way, Salvation Army, and other local organizations. The City also hosts Heartland Blood Center blood drives several times each year.

Community Cooperation

Visitors and residents alike will find much community cooperation among the various government bodies and organizations. Many programs and services are provided with the cooperation of several organizations, including the school district, park district, library district, The St. Charles Business Alliance, and Chamber of Commerce.

Timely Communication

The City strives to keep residents and businesses informed on the topics of greatest importance to them.

  • Our monthly resident enews, The Den, is a great source for official information from the City. It contains seasonal reminders as well as important updates on local developments. Sign up at
  • The City's web site contains thousands of pages of information and is in a constant state of development to improve and update the information provided to the 30,000 visitors it receives each month. 
  • We also have a blog, Inside St. Charles, that offers an assorted collection of stories, news and insights, as told by City of St. Charles, Illinois employees:
  • Also can follow us on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, YouTubeand LinkedIn.

A reliable, open dialogue with residents is at the heart of good local government, and all of our communication efforts are undertaken with this in mind.As always, we welcome your comments. Contact us at or 630.443.3744.

updated Sep 17, 2020

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