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City Hall House Calls

Up to this point, many of our communication efforts with residents have concentrated on the written word and one-way communication (surveys, City Grapevine, From the Den city newsletter, feedback cards, focus groups, etc.). The only form of two-way communications between elected officials and residents has been on an individual basis as issues arise. The premise behind the "City Hall House Calls" program is to make the elected officials in the community and the City Administrator more accessible to residents in the community and promote one-on-one communications. This program allows residents an informal and comfortable forum in which to meet with their aldermen, the Mayor and the City Administrator to talk about issues, ask questions, discuss concerns and offer comments or suggestions. Here’s how the program works:

  • Any resident, homeowners association, or alderman may host a House Call.
  • The Mayor, City Administrator, and aldermen representing that ward meet at the host’s home or another designated place.
  • The host is responsible to invite guests and provide refreshments, if desired, at the meeting. A minimum gathering of 10 people is required for a good, rounded discussion. No maximum is specified.
  • No meetings are held in December and July due to holidays and vacation schedules.

It’s really easy to host a House Call! If you are interested, please contact Tracey Conti at 377-4422 / in the Mayor’s Office for more information or to host a House Call.

updated Mar 23, 2018