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Frequently Asked Questions: Police Department

How do I request a police report?

To request a copy of a vehicle accident report

Copies of vehicle accident reports can be obtained from the police department for a fee of $5 each (cash or check). Requests can be made by mail (provided a check accompanies the request) or in person. Before you come in to pick up a report for a very recent accident, please call first to make sure the report is available.

How do I request an appointment for a car seat check?

Appointments are scheduled with Police personnel. This is a free service to ensure the seats are properly installed, appointments are scheduled depending on availability. All personnel have been certified in proper car seat installation.

Please visit the Child Restraint Seat Checks section of our web site for additional information, or creat a support request to schedule an appointment.

How many pets are allowed in a building or home?

The City limits a total of three (3) dogs and/or cats in any household, apartment, or any other dwelling unit within the City. Title 6 of the City's code will provide further information. The City also requires that all dogs and cats over four months of age be inoculated against rabies.

Please also note that City Code does not allow for animals to be left outside, on a leash or otherwise restrained on the owner's property, while unattended.

Non-emergency question/issue for the St. Charles, Illinois Police Department.

Please call 911 in the event of an emergency or to dispatch an officer.

For non-emergency support, create a Support Request or contact the St. Charles, Illinois Police Department non-emergency telephone number 630-377-4435.

Please note service requests will be addressed during regular City business hours Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm.