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Apartment Complex Officer Program/Coordinator

The Apartment Complex Officer Program has been developed over the years as a cooperative effort between the St. Charles Police Department and several community apartment complexes. Participating complexes sign a contract with the Department that outlines how the two parties will coordinate enforcement efforts of unwanted behavior within the complex, dealing especially with conflict that takes place after normal business hours.

At the heart of this agreement is a trespass provision, whereby officers working on behalf of the complex can ban undesirable persons from the site, with subsequent concurrence and follow–up by property managers. Another positive aspect of this partnership is the exchange of information that goes on at regularly scheduled meetings between the apartment managers and the Apartment Complex Program Coordinator.

The Program Coordinator is responsible for reviewing all incident reports pertaining to apartment complexes, annually updating the trespass agreement with all complexes, visiting the complexes at least once each month for the purposes of information exchange, and keeping the Apartment Complex Officers informed of all incidents that occur in their complex. In addition to the Program Coordinator, each participating complex has a designated officer assigned to it. These Apartment Complex Officers assist both apartment managers and the coordinator, serving as a conduit of information and performing follow-up on investigations within the complex. This coordination of efforts has worked well and has been successful in reducing criminal activity for the participating complexes and the community.

updated May 02, 2012

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