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Government Services Committee Meeting

10/23/2017 - 7:00pm
Packet Items: 
PDF icon 3.a - Electric Reliability Report - Information only 284.58 KB
PDF icon 3.b - Active River Project Update - Information only 144.11 KB
PDF icon 4.a - Plan Commission recommendation to approve a revised PUD Preliminary Plan for First Street PUD Building #26.49 MB
PDF icon 4.b - Recommendation to approve an Amendment to the Redevelopment Agreement with First Street Development II, LLC 87.04 KB
PDF icon 4.c - Presentation of a Conceptual Layout for Streetscape and Riverwalk Improvements adjacent to First Street Building #3 1.61 MB
PDF icon 5.a - Presentation of St. Charles Bob Leonard Walkway Memorial Planter Plaque Program by the River Corridor Foundation 135.28 KB
PDF icon 5.b - Recommendation to approve Resolution Authorizing Application to IL Transportation Enhancement Program Grant 121.03 KB
PDF icon 5.c - Recommendation to approve Budget Addition to the 7th Avenue Creek Project 62.12 KB
PDF icon 5.d - Recommendation to award the Bid for the Demolition of Nine Residential Structures 4.06 MB
PDF icon 5.e - Recommendation to award the Bid for Century Station HVAC Controls Improvements 330.5 KB
PDF icon 5.f - Recommendation to approve Acceptance of Electric Easement at Metro Self Storage (2623 Lincoln Hwy) 3.18 MB
PDF icon 5.g - Recommendation to award PO with Eaton for Turnkey Replacement of Relays at Peck Rd Substation 214.79 KB
PDF icon 5.h - Recommendation to award the Water Utility Master Plan Study Proposal 117.69 KB
PDF icon 5.i - Recommendation to award Proposal for Design Engineering for Dunham Rd Force Main Replacement 117.21 KB
PDF icon 5.j - Recommendation to award Proposal for SCADA Program Mgmt - Phase 1 to Concentri Integration 115.34 KB
PDF icon 6.a - Recommendation to approve the Illinois Emergency Management Mutual Aid System Agreement 310.88 KB
PDF icon 7.a - Recommendation to approve Modifications to City Ordinance Title 2, Chapter 2.32, Section 2.32.020 649.52 KB
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