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Government Services Committee Meeting

05/29/2018 - 7:00pm
Combined Packet: 
Packet Items: 
PDF icon 3.a - Electric Reliability Report - Information only 230.13 KB
PDF icon 3.b - Active River Project Update - Information only 420.3 KB
PDF icon 3.c - Natural Resources Commission Minutes - Information only 132.72 KB
PDF icon 3.d - Phosphorus Removal and Digester Improvements Project Update - Information only 2.92 MB
PDF icon 4.a - Recommendation to Update Title 9 "Public Peace, Morals and Welfare" of the City Ordinance 621.48 KB
PDF icon 4.b - Recommendation to add Chapter 8.06 "Public-Owned Boat Launch" to Title 8 "Health and Safety" of the City Ordinance 543.87 KB
PDF icon 4.c - Recommendation to Update Title 5 "Business Licenses and Regulations" of the City Ordinance 572.61 KB
PDF icon 4.d - Recommendation to approve Street Closure for Baker Memorial Church Car Wash to be held on Juen 16, 2018 109.36 KB
PDF icon 4.e - 2018 IBB for Pitties - Information only 290.21 KB
PDF icon 5.a - Desgin Development Presentation and Cost Estimate Review for the Police Station Project123.96 KB
PDF icon 5.b - Recommendation to Waive the Formal Bid Procedure for Bid Package #2 and Bid Package #3 for the Police Station Project 199.63 KB
PDF icon 5.c - Presentation with Recommendation to Authorize Execution of a Five Year Refuse Contract with Lakeshore Recycling System114.6 KB
PDF icon 5.d - Recommendation to approve Limited License Agreement with Syndeo for Fiber Installation within St. Charles ROW253.78 KB
PDF icon 5.e - Recommendation to approve Franchise Agreement and Pole Attachment Agreement with Comcast655.32 KB
PDF icon 5.f - Recommendation to approve PO to Sauber Manufacturing Company for Electric Line Pole/Cargo Combination Trailer 458.96 KB
PDF icon 5.g - Recommendation to award PO to Archon Construction for Electric Manhole Frame and Cover Adjustments 210.18 KB
PDF icon 5.h - Recommendation to approve PO to Green Planet 21 Utility for Cable Removal Contractor Services for a Two Year Period286.56 KB
PDF icon 5.i - Recommendation to approve Acceptance of Electric Easement at 315 S. Kirk Road 604.16 KB
PDF icon 5.j - Recommendation to approve Budget Addition to the Ohio Ave Roadway Improvement Project 48.73 KB
PDF icon 5.k - Recommendation to approve Construction Contract for the Ohio Ave Roadway Improvement Program 842.88 KB
PDF icon 5.l - Recommendation to approve Construction Engineering Agmt for the Ohio Ave Roadway Improvement Project 111.1 KB
PDF icon 5.m - Recommendation to approve Construction Engineering Agmt for Campton Hills Road Roadway Improvement Project 110.81 KB
PDF icon 5.n - Recommendation to approve Construction Contract for Pavement Rejuvenation 920.77 KB
PDF icon 5.o - Recommendation to approve Budget Addition to the 7th Avenue Creek Project 48.25 KB
PDF icon 5.p - Recommendation to approve Real Estate Purchase Agreement for 1734 Riverside Avenue1.13 MB
PDF icon 5.q - Recommendation to award the Bid for Water Treatment Salt 1.44 MB
PDF icon 5.r - Recommendation to award proposal for Environmental Services SCADA phase #1 hardware681.18 KB
PDF icon 5.s -Recommendation to award the Proposal for Construction Engineering for 7th and Division Ave Lift Station Replacement 1.61 MB
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