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Available Property

Are you seeking to open a business or purchase/lease commercial property in St. Charles? A comprehensive and interactive database of available site is linked from the City's Economic Development portal, Think St. Charles.    

For further assistance on locating your business in St. Charles, contact the Community & Economic Development Department at (630) 377-4443 or email to

How much traffic uses Main St. and other City roadways?

Traffic using IL Rte. 64/Main St. and other City streets:

Location                           24-Hour Vehicle Count 
IL 64 on the river               43,443 (year 2008) 
Illinois Street Bridge           8,928 (year 2008)
Prairie Street Bridge           9,561 (year 2008)

Increase in vehicle counts 2003 thru 2008

Year       24-Hour Vehicle Count 
2003             45,310
2004             43,589
2005             45,229
2006             42,466
2007             43,071
2008             42,291

Types of traffic using IL Rte. 64/Main St.

The following numbers and percentages are based on the 2008 24-hour vehicle count of 42,921:

Vehicle Type       Number   Percentage
Cars                      41,702       97.1%
Small Trucks            856          2.0%
Trucks/Buses           216            .5%
Tractor-Trailers        147            .3%

More information available by visiting the Traffic Signal Maintenance and Traffic Circulation page or Demographic section of the City website.


Landscaping Grants

I need to know if there are grant programs available to assist my St Charles business with landscaping


Where can I find information to publicize my business?