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How do I request a police report?

To request a copy of a vehicle accident report

Copies of vehicle accident reports can be obtained from the police department for a fee of $5 each (cash or check). Requests can be made by mail (provided a check accompanies the request) or in person. Before you come in to pick up a report for a very recent accident, please call first to make sure the report is available.

These reports can also be obtained for a fee via the site: This offers you the convenience of printing the document on your own. Please visit the site for the most current instructions and fees.

Typically, all drivers in an accident receive a copy of the report from the officer on the scene or soon after by mail. You must mail this copy to the Illinois Department of Transportation within 10 days if there was $500 or more worth of damage and the vehicle was occupied at the time of the accident. The copy available at the police department contains more information, including the officer's version of the accident and if any tickets were issued.

To request a copy of a Police Report, other than a vehicle accident

Copies of any police report (other than a vehicle accident) can be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. You can submit your request several ways: Click this Police FOIA request form link to fill out an online form; or pick up a form at the police station; or call the police department to have a form faxed or mailed to you. You can also download a PDF version of our Freedom of Information Act request form, print it, and submit it.

Fill out the form with as much information as possible (e.g. dates, times, address, names) to allow our Records Department staff to accurately fulfill your request. If you have the report number, please include it.

Copies are not available immediately, as the reports must be reviewed and approved prior to release. By law, we have 5 business days to comply with your request. When we have completed your request, you will be contacted via e-mail or via the method you indicated on your request. Typically, FOIA requests are fulfilled at no charge. However, there are exceptions. In some cases, charges are levied for a large volume of copying.

updated Nov 12, 2020

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