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There are two types of Sewers, sanitary and storm sewer collection. The purpose of the stormwater collection sewers is to keep rainwater and snow melt water out of homes and business and to enhance local surface water quality. The sanitary sewers are uses to transport used water from sinks and showers around the city to one of the two wastewater treatment plant.

Sump Pumps: Report a Problem/Request Assistance

Are they connected properly?

Make sure roof drains, foundation drains and sump pumps are connected to the storm sewer system and not the sanitary sewer system. When improperly connected, these devices may cause the sanitary sewer system to surcharge and back up through floor drains and other plumbing fixtures. If you are not sure if your drains are connected properly, call the Public Works office at (630) 377-4405. We will be glad to assist homeowners and business owners in evaluating their drainage systems.

Request Assistance Regarding Sump Pumps

To request assistance with sump pump issues, create a Support Request. In your request, please indicate your address or general location. You may also call (630) 443-3681 for immediate assistance.