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Design Guidelines for Historic Properties

The Historic Preservation Commission developed Design Guidelines for downtown/commercial and residential properties that are Historic Landmarks or are located in the City’s Historic Districts. The Commission utilizes the Secretary of Interior Standards for Rehabilitation to review Certificates of Appropriateness (or a “COA”). A COA is required prior to issuance of Building Permits for exterior work in the Historic District.

The Design Guidelines apply the Secretary of Interior Standards to common projects. The Guidelines inform property owners of recommendations for specific projects and can eliminate uncertainty about the Historic Commission COA review process.

Residential Design Guidelines

  • New or infill construction, building additions, exterior finishes, masonry, architectural metals, wood materials, roofs, windows/shutters and entrances/porches
  • Hazardous materials in historic buildings, health and safety code issues, and recommendations for energy conservation in older structures
  • Technical advice on how to approach and prioritize rehabilitation projects
  • Why certain actions are preferred over others, and what potential long term issues may be result from one rehabilitation method versus another

Downtown Design Guidelines

  • Storefront design, rear façade design, windows, doors, awnings and canopies, signs, colors and paint, masonry repair and infill construction
  • Recommendations for Façade Improvement Grants
updated Mar 23, 2018