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Information about Recreational Cannabis in St. Charles

Illinois Law Effective Jan. 1, 2020

The possession and private consumption of cannabis by people 21 or older for recreational use became legal in Illinois Jan. 1, 2020.

Read a Fact Sheet about the law from the State of Illinois here. For more information about legal cannabis in Illinois, visit

Recreational Cannabis in St. Charles

The St. Charles City Council has approved the sale of recreational cannabis in St. Charles with these stipulations:

  1. A maximum of two recreational dispensaries may operate in St. Charles.
  2. Recreational dispensaries will only be allowed in the community business zoning districts and regional business zoning districts. Generally, these zoning districts include Main Street/IL Rte. 64 outside the downtown, and also IL Rte. 38 and Randall Road on the west side.
  3. Only one recreational dispensary may operate on the East Side of St. Charles.
  4. Only one recreational dispensary may operate on the West Side of St. Charles.
  5. Cannabis retailers must be located at least 250 feet away from the property line of any school, day care, church or single-family residence.
  6. No public consumption of cannabis is allowed.
  7. On-site consumption lounges are prohibited.
  8. Cultivation centers are prohibited.
  9. Any other cannabis-related businesses are prohibited.
  10. One retail cannabis dispensary must have at least one year of consecutive experience operating a medical cannabis dispensary in St. Charles; the other dispensary must have one year of consecutive experience in the State of Illinois.

The City Council also has enacted a local sales tax of 3% on retail cannabis sales. This is in addition to the general merchandise sales tax.

Medical Cannabis in St. Charles

Currently there is one medical cannabis dispensary that has been operating in St. Charles since 2015.

updated Oct 06, 2020