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Government Services Committee Meeting

09/24/2012 - 7:00pm
Combined Packet: 
Packet Items: 
PDF icon 3.a - Electric Reliability Report - Information only 1 byte
PDF icon 3.b - Tree Commission Minutes - Information only 1 byte
PDF icon 3.c - EAB Control Efforts - Information only 1 byte
PDF icon 4.a - Discussion regarding Ordinance Amending Title 5 - License - Hours of Sales1 byte
PDF icon 4.b - Update regarding Madison Avenue Traffic 1 byte
PDF icon 4.c - Agreement with School District 303 for School Resource Officer Services 1 byte
PDF icon 4.d - Update regarding stop sign at 7th Street and State Street 1 byte
PDF icon 4.e - Request from Partnership to close 1st Street & host Lighting of Lights on 11-23-12 1 byte
PDF icon 4.f - Resolution for the closure of IL. Rt. 64 & IL Rt. 31 on 11-23-12 for Electric Christmas Parade1 byte
PDF icon 5.a - Approval of an Ordinance Amending Title 2 - Various revisions 1 byte
PDF icon 6.a - Approval of Mechanical Repairs to Rooftop HVAC Unitat at Century Station and Municipal Center Building1 byte
PDF icon 6.b - Approval of Mechanical Improvements at Police Building 1 byte
PDF icon 6.c - Approval of Municipal Building Architecture/Construction Mgmt Improvements1 byte
PDF icon 6.d - Approval of a contract for North 15th Street - Phase 1 Reconstruction 1 byte
PDF icon 6.e - Approval of a contract for demolition of building at 807 Illinois Avenue 1 byte
PDF icon 6.f - Award of contract for Roadway Testing Services to IMS 1 byte
PDF icon 6.g - Update regarding IDOT Project on East Main Street 1 byte
PDF icon 6.h - Presentation of Proposed Parkway Planting Ordinance 1 byte
PDF icon 6.i - Award contract for Reconductor of Circuit 314 1 byte
PDF icon 6.j - Award Bid for Sanitary and Storm Sewer Lining 1 byte
PDF icon 6.k - Approval of Wholesale Water Supply Agreement for River Grange Area 1 byte
PDF icon 7.a - Consideration of Request to Erect Temporary Art Project on City Property 1 byte
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