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Government Services Committee Meeting

04/28/2014 - 7:00pm
Combined Packet: 
Packet Items: 
PDF icon 3.a - Electric Reliability Report - Information only 1 byte
PDF icon 3.b - Tree Commission Minutes - Information only 1 byte
PDF icon 4.a - Discussion of the Relocation and Relocation Costs of the Jones Law Office1 byte
PDF icon 4.b - Discussion of 209 West Main Street Parking Lot Lease Agreement1 byte
PDF icon 5.a - Recommendation to Approve Ordinances Authorizing Changes in Rate Structure for Electric, Water & Wastewater Utilities 1 byte
PDF icon 6.a - Recommendation to approve Yard Waste Fee Increase and Leaf and Brush Contract1 byte
PDF icon 6.b - Presentation of 2013 Electric Reliability Performance1 byte
PDF icon 6.c - Recommendation to approve Purchase of Hendrix Spacer Cable and Services from Marmon Utility LLC 1 byte
PDF icon 6.d - Recommendation to award Contract for Overhead Reconstruction Projects to PieperLine Line Construction1 byte
PDF icon 6.e - Recommendation to approve Purchase Order with Novinium for Cable Injection Services 1 byte
PDF icon 6.f - Recommendation to approve Purchase Order with Six Underground Construction Company for Directional Boring Services 1 byte
PDF icon 6.g - Recommendation to approve Mosquito Abatement Contract with Clarke Environmental 1 byte
PDF icon 6.h - Recommendation to approve HVAC Preventative Maintenance and Inspection Contract with Service Mechanical 1 byte
PDF icon 6.i - Recommendation to approve a 3 year Mowing Maintenance Contract with Cornerstone Horticultural Services Co. 1 byte
PDF icon 6.j - Recommendation to approve Sidewalk Maintenance Contract with Raise-Rite1 byte
PDF icon 6.k - Recommendation to approve Sidewalk Maintenance Contract with Safe Step 1 byte
PDF icon 6.l - Recommendation to approve Fiscal Commitment to the Ride in Kane Program for FY 14/15 1 byte
PDF icon 6.m - Recommendation to award Bid to P&M Sewer & Water for Annual Bolt Replacement Program for FY 14/151 byte
PDF icon 6.n - Recommendation to approve Proposal from Viking Chemical Co. for Water Treatment Chemicals for FY 14/15 1 byte
PDF icon 6.o - Recommendation to award Contract to Marc Kresmery Construction for the Roy Fox I Lift Station Rehabilitation 1 byte
PDF icon 6.p - Presentation of Red Gate Water Tower Logo Design Alternatives 1 byte
PDF icon 6.q - Recommendation to approve Purchase from Environmental Dynamics Internation for Aeration Diffusers 1 byte
PDF icon 6.r - Recommendation to approve Additional Funds for Emergency Repairs to Main Plant Anaerobic Digester 1 byte
PDF icon 7.a - Recommendation to approve Street & Parking Lot Closures & Use of Amplification Equipment for 2014 Fox Valley Marathon 1 byte
PDF icon 7.b - Recommendation to approve Street Closures, Use of Amplification Equipment & Class E-1 Liquor License for Riverfest 1 byte
PDF icon 7.c - Recommendation to approve Use of Langum Park for the 2014 Fox Valley Boy Scout District Camporee1 byte
PDF icon 7.d - Recommendation to approve Street Closure, Use of Amplification Equipment & Class E-2 Liquor Lic for Heritage Ctr Pig Roast1 byte
PDF icon 7.e - Recommendation to approve Street Closures for the Annual Farmers Market from June thru October 1 byte
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