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For the Week of July 15, 2013

Restoration work on the Municipal Building continues on schedule this week.  Masonry work along the east elevation of the Old City Hall and South Annex building has been completed. Replacement of the limestone base and stone copings will be complete in approximately a week once the stone is delivered from the quarry. All of the scaffolding along the east elevation has been removed and the public sidewalk re-opened.

The roofing contractor has completed approximately 50% of the replacement work and will continue to new sections of the roof this week. Roofing material will continue to be hoisted to the roof from the closed parking lot. Safety scaffolding will remain in place at all entrances until all overhead roof work is complete.

Masonry demolition work on the east elevation of Municipal Building is almost complete. The existing “blonde” brick has been removed in its entirety. This week, the wall will be prepared for a waterproof membrane. A new brick façade will be installed in a couple of weeks.

Future work will include window/ door replacements, soffit repairs and painting.

created Jul 12, 2013 updated Jul 12, 2013