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For the Week of July 29, 2013

Restoration work on the Municipal Building continues on schedule this week. Restoration of the brick along the east elevation of the Old City Hall and South Annex building has been completed. Replacement of the limestone base and stone copings is underway and will be completed this week. All of the scaffolding along the east elevation has been removed and the public sidewalk re-opened.

The roofing contractor has completed approximately 90% of the replacement work. Roofing crews will be adding aluminum trim caps this week to conclude their work.

Masonry demolition work on the east elevation of Municipal Building is complete and has been prepared for the new brick once it arrives on site in approximately a week.

Construction crews will begin to remove and replace windows this week along the east elevations of the building.

created Jul 29, 2013 updated Jul 29, 2013