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For the Week of August 19, 2013

Restoration work on the Municipal Building continues on schedule this week. Window replacements on the upper floor of the east elevation of the Old City Hall and South Annex building are proceeding and will continue into next week. Replacement of the limestone base and stone copings is ongoing and a final washing of this elevation is scheduled in the coming weeks. All of the scaffolding along the east elevation has been removed and the public sidewalk has been re-opened with only minor daily closures.

The roofing contractor has substantially completed the replacement work on all the roof sections and will continue to finish up minor trim details over the next few weeks. Installation of sheet metal flashing and counter flashings has begun and will continue throughout the next two weeks.

Masonry demolition work has been completed on the east elevation of Municipal Building and the final stages of the protective fluid applied membrane are underway.  The new brick has been delivered and will be installed after the completion of the fluid applied membrane. Scaffolding for these projects will continue to be in place through the duration of construction.

Future work next week will include continued window/ door replacements in “Old City Hall” along with soffit repairs, painting, metal fascia work and the installation of brick.

created Aug 16, 2013 updated Aug 16, 2013