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For the Week of September 16, 2013

The construction work on the Municipal Building continues to move forward this week.  Window replacements on the upper floor of the east elevation of Old City Hall have been completed and the large “garage door” window is being installed. Replacement of the limestone base and stone copings is underway and a final washing of this elevation is scheduled in the coming weeks.

The roofing contractor has completed the replacement work on all the roof sections. Only minor finishing touches are left to finalize as the interface between the roof and the outward facing elevations are completed.

Work is progressing on the installation of the new “blonde” brick.  The wall construction is taking shape from the bottom up, with about 80% of the new brick installed.  Upon completion, the scaffolding will be removed from the sidewalk and touch-up work will begin.

In the coming weeks it is anticipated that the project will move into its final phase of completion.  Over the next two weeks, contractors will complete the final touches on most elevations and start the demobilization process. The goal is to vacate the “checkerboard lot” by the week of September 30, weather permitting.

created Sep 13, 2013 updated Sep 13, 2013