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Heritage: A Cornerstone of City of St. Charles Mission

City of St. Charles Mission: Heritage. Community. Service. Opportunity.

Heritage. It’s one of the four main tenets of our Mission Statement. Honoring our history is a big part of who we are as a community. We regularly celebrate milestone anniversaries: the City’s 180th, the Municipal Building’s 75th, Scarecrow Fest’s and River Fest’s 30th. And we work together with other organizations to preserve our historic architecture and character: relocation of the Jones Law Office building, renovation of the Judd Mansion, facilitation with Facade Improvement Grants.

So it’s no surprise that history and heritage were consistently named among St. Charles’ strengths by several participants throughout the strategic planning process.

St. Charles has 42 designated historic landmarks and two historic districts. The Central Historic District, which reflects the original city as laid out in the 1830s, includes the classic Main Street storefronts and iconic buildings like the Arcada and Hotel Baker. The Moody Millington Historic District, just southwest of the Central District, contains distinctive Victorian, Prairie and other historic-style homes. See the sidebar for a map of the landmarks and districts on our website.

We appreciate the time and effort of the Historic Preservation Commission’s seven citizen volunteers in maintaining historic architecture in our City. And if you really want to experience local history, be sure to take part in the events organized by the St. Charles History Museum. They bring an energy that makes St. Charles history spring to life.

updated Dec 05, 2018

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