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A Focus on Community

City of St. Charles Mission: Heritage. Community. Service. Opportunity.

Community. It’s another cornerstone of our Mission. When done right, Community can be a powerful thing. It can bring people and organizations together for a common cause to accomplish something that makes a positive impact for everyone. But what makes a great community?

Recipe for a Great Community

1. Take a dynamic group of residents, business leaders, local organizations and dedicated City employees.

2. Mix together with award-winning educational, recreational opportunities and efficient services that matter.

3. Add a full slate of entertainment events and family-friendly festivals.

4. And top it off with a generous portion of active involvement and volunteerism.

There are so many examples of Community at work here in St. Charles. Recently, St. Charles East High School's Government for a Day program celebrated 25 years of introducing students to the inner workings of local government. This program has all the ingredients of great Community. Students attend City Council meetings throughout the semester and then conduct a mock City Council meeting in Council Chambers. They play the roles of public officials, developers and concerned citizens. Ideas are researched and presented for a vote.

At the program’s 25th Anniversary celebration, you would expect Mayor Rogina, city staff, students and teachers to be there. But what was special was that former mayors Fred Norris and Sue Klinkhamer, and former City Administrator Larry Maholland were all there too. The Arcada Theatre’s Ron Onesti also came out to hear the students’ presentation of a business plan for the Arcada — and he was impressed. When an idea can grow to a 25-year tradition and captivate the interest and involvement of students, government officials and business leaders, that’s the power of Community.

updated Feb 21, 2018

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