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Opportunity: When Everything is in Place, Anything is Possible

City of St. Charles Mission: Heritage. Community. Service. Opportunity.

Opportunity. Opportunity is what’s created when the City effectively incorporates its Heritage, Community, and Service into its core values and traditions. All of the components of our mission work together to create a thriving environment where opportunities prosper. When everything is in place, anything is possible.

Heritage reminds us where we come from and plays an important part in our sense of identity. Our past has laid the ground work for where we are now, and helps guide us where our next steps should be. It is important that we recognize how our heritage has given us the opportunities we have today.

Having a strong sense of community gives St. Charles the opportunity to share together and grow together. A community with opportunity is a community worth being a part of.

Service to the community—whether through reliable, effective City services or active community volunteerism—creates even more opportunity for St. Charles to flourish.

Each of the four elements of our mission are strong enough and important enough to stand on their own. But when they come together, that’s when St. Charles’ true potential shines.

updated Jan 23, 2017

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