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Annual Internal Affairs Summary - 2016

The St. Charles Police Department is a CALEA Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency.  Annually, the Department releases a summary of internal investigations from the prior year.  During 2016, the Department conducted four (4) internal affairs investigations.

One (1) investigation resulted in the case being “sustained” meaning a violation of department policy did occur. One (1) case was “unfounded” meaning there was no basis or merit to the complaint filed. The other two (2) cases were “suspended” due to a lack of cooperation by the complainant.

A copy of the Department’s internal affairs complaint/commendation pamphlet is available on the website.  The pamphlet provides information to anyone wishing to file a personnel complaint against a department member. Information is also provided in the pamphlet on how a citizen can compliment a member of the Department by either contacting a supervisor on duty or by sending a letter to the Chief of Police. 

If a citizen has any questions or would like further information or assistance in filing a complaint or commending an officer, they can contact us at: 

St. Charles Police Department

211 N. Riverside Avenue

St. Charles, Illinois 60174

Phone: 630-377-4435

created Jan 05, 2017 updated Jan 05, 2017