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Welcome New Businesses!

Below is a list of new businesses that recently opened up in town. And check out the list of nearly 1800 businesses in town on our website at to see all you can choose from right here in St. Charles. Remember to Think St. Charles when you shop!

East Gateway

Ivy Rehab                                         1502 E Main St                   630-797-5658        Physical Therapy

Property Shop Renovations        1800 Huntington Rd         630-328-3872        Renovation


East Gateway Industrial

Johnson Water Condition            1830 Wallace Ave, Ste 222         630-407-1700        Water Filtration Systems

Emerald Restoration & Cleaning            1830 Wallace Ave, Ste 216         630-293-4300            Restoration & Cleaning

Brian King                                         1830 Wallace Ave,  Ste 210        630-202-4653        Sports Coaching


West Gateway

Property Mgmt. Specialist           830 W. Main St., Ste A                 847-845-6067        Property Mgmt.

Cedar Tree Counseling                  1400 Lincoln Hwy, Ste  A             630-397-1900        Individual & Family Counseling

Versailles Nail Spa                          2053 W Lincoln Hwy                     630-513-5958        Nail Salon

updated Feb 20, 2018