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Callers Posing as City Employees

Unfortunately, scammers don’t take time off for the holidays. We have received reports from businesses about a couple of scams.

  1. A caller with a toll-free phone number was claiming to be with the City of St. Charles Economic Development Office. He said his name was Sam and asked the business if they had found a new site for their expansion. There is no one at the City by that name. If you receive a call like this, just hang up. Anyone who calls you from the City will not be calling from a toll-free number and the caller ID will display ‘City of St. Charles.’
  2. Someone with the caller ID 1-844-361-3873 called a business and threatened to shut off the business’ electricity if they did not call that number and pay immediately. Luckily, the business knew that is not how St. Charles Electric Utility works and hung up. If you are contacted about your electric services by an unknown number demanding payment or offering special rates, do not give out any personal or financial information. Hang up and notify the St. Charles Police Department at 630.377.4435. If you ever have questions about your rates or bill, call our Utility Billing Office directly at 630.377.4426.


updated Mar 23, 2018