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Responsible Financial Practices Keep Property Taxes in Check

Taxes Help Provide Reliable, Cost-effective (and Often 24-hour) Services


We have shown that a municipality can keep property taxes in check while still providing professional, reliable services and a well-maintained infrastructure. The current operating levy was approved unanimously by aldermen at the the Dec. 4, 2017, City Council meeting. On average, for a $300,000 home, $854 pays for a full year of City services, many of them round-the-clock services, such as: Police, Fire, street maintenance and snow operations. It also includes planning, engineering, economic development, and more. Because the City uses sales, liquor, and hotel/motel taxes to help pay for large capital projects, every time you shop or dine in St. Charles, or visitors stay our hotels, those taxes literally pour right back into our community. So Think St. Charles for your all purchases.

updated Apr 20, 2018