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Be Careful with Metallic Balloons at Outdoor Celebrations

Outdoor celebrations often can include shiny, metal-coated balloons. The shiny coating on these metallic balloons is a good conductor of electricity. If the balloon comes in contact with an overhead power line, it will cause a surge of electricity. These surges cause electrical explosions, and fires. It’s a dangerous situation that also can cause power outages that require expensive repairs. 
Safety tips from Safe Electricity about metallic balloons:

  • Weight balloons down and away from power lines.
  • When done, deflate the balloon and throw it away. Do not release metallic balloons. 
  • Never tie a metallic balloon to a person’s wrist. 
  • Do not attempt to retrieve a balloon, or any object that becomes entangled in electrical equipment. Contact your utility for assistance. 

For more information, contact the St. Charles Electric Utility at 630.377.4407.

updated May 02, 2018