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June Utility Bills Reflect Rate Changes for Water, Sewer and Electric

Annual rates for City water, sewer and electric utility customers were approved at the May 7, 2018, City Council meeting and will begin showing up on utility bills in June.

Bills Include Charges for All Three Utilities: Electric, Water & Sewer

Your utility bill reflects monthly meter readings and includes usage for all three utilities—electric, water and sewer. Estimates are done only when meters cannot be read. While rate structures will differ by usage and season, a typical residential house hold using 1,200 kwh and  7,000 gallons of water and sewer will see an increase on their utility bill of approximately $7.36 per month with the new rates. 

 “The City of St. Charles prides itself on providing reliable, well maintained, and cost-effective utility services to its customers,” said City Administrator Mark Koenen. “Our utility rates are extremely competitive with rates in the surrounding area and include maintenance and capital improvement costs aimed at continued improved reliability.”

For more information, please contact Utility Billing at or 630.377.4426.

updated Jul 10, 2018