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Be Careful, High Temperatures Expected

The St. Charles Fire Department would like to remind everyone that the upcoming high temperatures expected for this weekend could be dangerous to the elderly, shut-ins and those exposed to the outdoor heat for long periods of time. It is important for all to drink plenty of water and cool down either in shaded areas or in an air-conditioned facility.

The St. Charles Fire Department, in conjunction with the Emergency Management Agency, is monitoring the weather conditions and stands ready to open cooling centers if conditions warrant.

While the current weather forecasts indicate warm temperatures, oppressive long-term heat conditions are not indicated. In the event that conditions change the City of St. Charles will activate its heat emergency plan. Please remember to check on the elderly, friends and relatives, as well as shut-ins that you know. 

The following are locations that citizens can go to cool down:

  • St. Charles Public Library, 1 South 6th Avenue (630) 584-0076
  • Pottawatomie Community Center, 8 North Avenue (630) 513-6200

If the heat wave extends, an update will be issued with more locations and information.

Please visit the National Weather Service website at for the St. Charles forecast.

created Jun 15, 2018 updated Oct 01, 2018

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