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Update - 9/7/18

The City has recently had many inquiries on the completion of construction of the bridge improvements.  Below is a detailed update on project delays and anticipated completion date:

The Main Street Bridge is under the jurisdiction of the State of Illinois and unfortunately, the City of St. Charles has no authority over the contract or the contractor working on the project.  The State has been in communication with the City during the project and we have constantly pushed for faster results.  To sum up the delays over the past few weeks:  After the contractor removed the surface of the bridge, locations were identified that required concrete patches of the bridge deck.  These were completed and required a cure time (concrete strengthening over time) of 7 days.  After 7 days the contractor performed breaks on test cylinders to ensure the concrete gained adequate strength.  The first tests failed and the contractor removed the concrete repairs and re-constructed them.  This required a second week delay while concrete cured.  At this time, the concrete has passed strength testing requirements and the contractor cleaned/prepped the bridge deck on Tuesday for installation of the new surface.  The contractor needs 24-48 hours with no rain in order to place the final surface on the bridge, as the product is extremely moisture dependent.  It looks like the weather forecast is finally letting up next week and the contractor should be completing the project and taking down traffic control. 

created Sep 07, 2018 updated Sep 07, 2018

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