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We Received Some Questions about the MetroNet Installation Project

MetroNet, a fiber optic service provider, is installing their fiber network in St. Charles. We want to address some of the questions we received about the MetroNet project.

Does MetroNet have permission to be on my property?

Yes.  As a communications service provider, they are granted the right to access the designated utility easement, which is typically a strip of land running along the street, the sidewalk, the rear lot line or between two lots. Easements are created for utility companies to construct and maintain overhead and underground lines for electric, cable television, telephone, water and sewer services.

Can I move the flags in my yard? 

No. Flags or spray paint need to remain in place. MetroNet is required by law to locate underground utilities on your property before construction begins.

Should I notify MetroNet if I have a sprinkler system, dog fence, sump pump line or other underground facilities?

Either mark underground facilities with white flags or spray paint, or contact MetroNet customer service.

Will MetroNet restore the area in which they performed construction?

When complete and weather permitting, MetroNet will rake, seed and straw your lawn in the areas where digging occurred and/or remove and replace sod where practical. 

If you have specific questions about the MetroNet installation, please contact Dale Smith, MetroNet Construction Manager for the St. Charles project at or 224.619.0678. For more information about MetroNet’s construction process, there are helpful videos on their website at


updated Oct 01, 2018