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St. Charles Named ‘Best of the Best’ in America in Bloom Awards Program

St. Charles took home top honors in the America in Bloom National Awards Program, winning the Circle of Champions award for its population category, 25,000-75,000. Our competition included all other former champion cities that, like St. Charles, had previously won in this population category.

The award was presented at the annual America in Bloom National Conference in Lexington, Kentucky Sept. 27-28. Next year, St. Charles will be the host city for the Symposium and Awards Program.

Two America in Bloom judges visited St. Charles July 16 and 17, and toured floral displays, landscaped areas and environmental project sites. The judges also reviewed St. Charles’ heritage preservation and urban forestry efforts, in addition to noting community involvement and overall community impression. St. Charles received 9 starts out of 10 in the judges’ final evaluation.

“The judges were extremely impressed with the level of community participation and the collaborative effort of several of our community groups,” said America in Bloom - St. Charles Committee Co-Chair Diane Cullen. “We look forward to 2019 when representatives from participating cities will come to St. Charles for the Symposium and Awards Program. It offers another chance to showcase our beautiful city to the entire America in Bloom community.”      

America in Bloom - St. Charles Committee Co-Chair & Ward 5 Alderman Maureen Lewis is looking forward to welcoming America in Bloom visitors to St. Charles, “300 to 400 attendees from cities around the country will gather right here in St. Charles to hear the results of the 2019 program judging. We’re excited to have them come to our community,” Lewis said.

America in Bloom – St. Charles Committee would like to extend its gratitude to all the volunteers and sponsors that made this year’s entry in the awards program a success. It is truly a community effort that could not have taken place without, the generosity of our sponsors, the support of local businesses, or the dedication of our many volunteers.

Front row: Marcia Koenen, America in Bloom – St. Charles Volunteer Coordinator; Maureen Lewis, America in Bloom - St. Charles Committee Co-Chair & Ward 5 Alderman; Diane Cullen, America in Bloom - St. Charles Committee Co-Chair; Christa Bormann, Heinz Brothers Green House and Garden Center. Back row: Chris Adesso, City of St. Charles; and John Thornhill, resident.

updated Nov 01, 2018