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11/12/18 Update

  1. With the new precast erection start date, the project is moving forward with the remaining underground plumbing at the building. This will keep us on target for steel coming at the end of December. The underground plumbing inspections are complete. So far have all passed and the detention area work is almost complete.
  2. The precast contractor is back on site to confirm/adjust the necessary embed plates which were cast in to the foundation walls. The deadmen (anchors for panel erection) for the precast are being drilled and will continue next week.  
  3. The precast stairs will be delivered in three separate deliveries. The total weight of all three combined is about 34.5 tons or roughly 69,000 pounds.
  4. The street patching at 14th, Indiana, and 17th Streets is set to start next week. The weather outlook is decent, so the asphalt plants should remain open.
created Dec 05, 2018 updated Jan 24, 2019