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Vision for 2019

Happy New Year! 2018 was packed with news about every corner of the City. It looks like there is no slowing down for 2019. Here's what's in store for this year:

Community & Economic Development

  • First Street -The remaining riverwalk and east plaza are being designed and will be constructed. Discussions are underway with potential developers for the remaining buildings in the project at: the southwest corner of Illinois & First Streets, the northeast corner of Rt. 31 & Illinois Street, and east of the Blue Goose on First Street.
  • Comprehensive Plan – The City will update its Comprehensive Plan for the downtown. This will reflect the redevelopment that has occurred and identify other redevelopment opportunities. The update also will establish a vision for catalyst properties, including the current Police Station site. We will seek public input in the first half of 2019 and anticipate completing the plan in summer/fall of 2019.


  • Work to implement the St Charles Initiative in conjunction with the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley. The Initiative offers a new approach to help pay for capital projects, programs and other improvements with private donations.
  • Consider implementation of an abbreviated Annual Financial Report to summarize the City’s financial highlights and operations.

Fire Department

  • A new Pumper/Squad will offer additional fire-fighting capabilities while downsizing the fleet and saving the City significant monies in apparatus replacement costs.
  • Approval of the Mobile Integrated Health Care Program application is anticipated by the Illinois Department of Public Health. This program, a partnership with Tri City Ambulance, will allow us to offer non-emergency medical care that may reduce repeated 911 calls and avoid sending people to the emergency room who don’t need emergency care.

Human Resources

  • Implement NeoGov Perform, an online performance assessment tool for more efficient and effective employee performance tracking.
  • Create a Workforce Development Plan for succession planning to ensure the City is staffed with the right skills to meet citizen needs now and into the future.
  • Conduct a comprehensive staffing study of the Police Department to ensure the City is meeting resident needs.

Information Systems

  • Launch a public records portal on the City’s website to allow self-service access to key public records.


  • Move into our new police station in late 2019.
  • Launch the new STARCOM public safety radio platform in late 2019.
  • Implement new automated software for evidence collection and accident reporting.

Public Works

  • Complete the $13.3M Wastewater Phosphorus Removal and Anaerobic Digester Improvement project to meet new Illinois Environmental Protection Agency regulations.
  • The Electric Utility will continue replacing existing street lights with LED lights which use 1/3 less energy.

2019 Special Recognition

  • This year, we will celebrate the 185th Anniversary of St. Charles. Our mission of advancing Heritage. Community. Service. Opportunity. in St. Charles is befitting as much today as it could have been 185 years ago.
  • October 3-5, 2019, St. Charles will host the America in Bloom Symposium. 300 to 400 attendees from participating cities around the country will come to St. Charles for the Symposium and Awards Program.
updated May 09, 2019