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Historic Landmark of the Month

Elisha Freeman House

To celebrate the 25th year of Historic Preservation in St. Charles, every month the City will be highlighting one recently landmarked structure as the “Landmark of the Month.” February’s Landmark of the Month is the Elisha Freeman House. Located at 515 Walnut St., the Elisha Freeman House is the City’s 49th landmarked home. This brick home was designed and built in the Greek Revival style by Mr. Freeman in 1853.  Sometime later, a brick smoke house was added to the property. This smoke house is potentially the last remaining one in St. Charles. Elisha Freeman was a prominent St. Charles businessman, starting the first drug store and first bank within the City.

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Elisha Freeman House- 515 Walnut St.

Built ca. 1853

updated Jan 25, 2019