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Historic Landmark of the Month

“Burchell House”

March’s Landmark of the Month is the Burchell House. Located at 203 N 3rd Avenue, the Burchell House was designated as a landmark last October. Peter Burchell built this home in the Italianate style in 1855. The home stayed in the Burchell family until it was sold in 1877 to Terrance Ryan. Ryan was a Civil War veteran and Kane County States Attorney. Other notable owners include Judge William D. Barry, an acquaintance of Abraham Lincoln, and George Thompson, WWI veteran and Superintendent of schools in St. Charles. In 2016, the current homeowners took on a large renovation project. The project included replacing previously added additions that did not match the style of the home and also adding a wraparound porch.  The renovation resulted in the home embodying more of the original Italianate style.

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Burchell House- 203 N 3rd Ave.

Built ca. 1855

updated Feb 27, 2019