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Correction Made on Ballot Instructions for St. Charles Ward 2 Aldermanic Race


UPDATE: The instructions on the sample ballot have been corrected


A clerical error by the City of St. Charles resulted in incorrect voting instructions appearing on the ballot for the St. Charles Ward 2 Aldermanic race. While the error has been corrected on the official ballots, the sample ballots voters can access to review the list of candidates and referenda cannot be corrected. THIS HAS NOW BEEN CORRECTED ON THE SAMPLE BALLOT ALSO.

Error: The ballot incorrectly instructed voters to vote for 2 candidates in the Ward 2 Aldermanic race.

Correction: The corrected ballot instructs voters to vote for only ONE candidate.

In addition to the sample ballot, voters who voted early at the Kane County Clerk’s Office in Geneva also received the incorrect ballot.

The City of St. Charles sincerely apologizes for the error and any confusion this may have caused. As soon as the City was aware of the error, we worked with the Kane County Clerk’s Office to quickly correct the ballot before widespread early voting begins March 18, 2019.

updated Mar 21, 2019