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Arcada Theatre and Club Arcada Receive Temporary Occupancy

4/3/19 UPDATE

4/3/19 UPDATE: Progress continues at the Arcada and we are doing weekly follow-up inspections. The major work right now involves the electric service for the building. The City is currently doing work right behind the theater to make a service upgrade possible for the facility. We also continue to work on the exiting issues and Mr. Onesti has provided the exiting study as part of this effort. I don’t have a firm date for you on when all of the work will be completed. Some of it depends upon the availability of certain materials and, as long as things continue to move forward as they have been, we can put temporary procedures in place to keep both the club and the theater open.  


3/29/19 UPDATE: Work continues at the Arcada and we will be doing a follow-up check this morning. Some of the items have been addressed and some have been given additional time for compliance. We continue to work with both the owners representative and Mr. Onesti as the tenant. The building is open (Club and Theater) as the temporary occupancy has been extended. We will be doing regular visits until all of the work has been finished.


03/22/19 UPDATE: The Arcada Theatre has been given temporary three-day occupancy with reduced capacity; Club Arcada has been granted temporary occupancy.

Onesti Entertainment had crews working through the night to address fire and building code violations. St. Charles Fire Deparment and Building & Code Enforcement officials have been working with Onesti Entertainment and inspected both the Arcada Theatre and Club Arcada, resulting in the temporary occupancy. 

Crews will continue working Monday to address any remaining violation concerns.


Original 3/21/19 Statement

The owner of the building that houses the Arcada Theatre and Club Arcada was served notice March 21, 2019, to halt operations until code violations are corrected. The order does not include the three other businesses operating within the building.

Complaints from patrons about overcrowding, accessibility of building exits, and the ability to hear the fire alarm during a performance at the Arcada Theatre were made to the St. Charles Fire Department beginning in November 2018. The St. Charles Fire Department followed up on those complaints, found them to be valid, and issued notices to correct the conditions.

Due to the extent and nature of additional deficiencies revealed during complaint follow-up inspections, the Fire Department scheduled a complete code and safety inspection to take place during the building’s regularly scheduled annual review in March. They engaged an independent, third-party fire protection consultant to participate in the detailed review. This in depth inspection was performed March 12, 2019, by B&F Construction Code Services, Inc., out of Elgin, along with St. Charles Fire Department officials and City Building & Code Enforcement staff.

The results of that detailed inspection necessitated the closure of the Arcada Theatre and Club Arcada.

“The City of St. Charles is working closely with the Arcada building’s owner to correct the violations and ensure the safety of the Arcada Theatre and Club Arcada patrons,” said St. Charles Fire Chief Joseph Schelstreet.

The building which houses the Arcada Theatre and Club Arcada dates back to 1934.

“The Arcada Theatre is an iconic destination in St. Charles and we want to work with the building’s owner to get this community treasure back up and running as quickly as possible,” said Mayor Raymond Rogina. “But the safety of all who attend events at the Arcada is paramount. It is our intent for the Arcada to operate safely in St. Charles for years to come.”

created Mar 21, 2019 updated Nov 01, 2019