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A Few Minutes with Newly-Elected Alderman David Pietryla

Last month, we announced the election results of new and returning aldermen, and offered a brief introduction of newly-elected Ward 4 Alderman David Pietryla. This month, David shares his thoughts about his office below.

What are you looking forward to regarding serving on City Council?
I am really looking forward to engaging with people, particularly with my constituents as well as city staff and my fellow aldermen. I really enjoy meeting and talking to new people and building personal connections.

Why was it important for you to run for your position?

As a long-time resident, I care about what happens in St. Charles. It was important for me to run because I wanted to be part of the processes and discussions that are currently guiding and will guide our city’s development in the coming years. The city and the greater community are just too important. To sit on proverbial sidelines and just watch things happen wasn’t going to cut it for me - again, it was important for me to be a part of the process. 

What do you see as a great opportunity for St. Charles?
There are so many opportunities; however, the greatest, in my opinion, has to be continued development of St. Charles as a sought-after destination, particularly downtown. Not every city has a beautiful river running through it; we must capitalize on this unique geographic asset. If done right, residents as well as new and returning visitors alike will choose St. Charles to visit, spend their time, and (importantly) their money. 

updated Jun 11, 2019