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1st Street Parking Notice:

Areas of the Klinkhamer Parking Deck Intermittently Unavailable Due to Construction

Please be aware that of some areas of the bi-level Susan L. Klinkhamer Parking Deck on the north east corner of 1st & Illinois streets will temporarily be unavailable beginning Friday, June 28, 2019. For the next few weeks, areas will be intermittently closed during the day as construction on the current structure continues. Areas restricted during the construction day will be opened in the evenings and on weekends. Details:

  • The pedestrian ramp on the north side of the parking deck that leads down will be closed. The staircase that leads from the bottom up will remain open.
  • Parking spaces on the west side, north of the automobile ramp, will be designated for contractor vehicles only during construction. The spaces will reopen when construction activity is not taking place.
  • The upper deck will be open for parking, but some areas may be restricted from time-to-time during construction.

created Jun 27, 2019 updated Jul 25, 2019