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5/24/19 Update

  1. Curb and gutter started yesterday and they completed an impressive amount of work in one day. We held off a few areas to keep the appropriate amount of access for the other trades and are planning to bring them back when we can knock out the sidewalks as well.
  2. The main staircase pour went well last week and we are now moving the construction traffic to that staircase while the others are being completed with framing, insulation, and finishes.
  3. The Sally Port and support garage along with the north section of the squad garage are prepped to be poured next week Tuesday which will help move a lot of the equipment and material out of the main lobby. This will help keep the finish trades moving efficiently and safely.
  4. The exterior seat walls are framed and prepped for being poured today.
  5. The detention area is nearing the finish with all the benches poured, block infill started, and the pick proof caulk installed.



updated Jun 27, 2019