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6/21/19 Update

  1. The casework for the second floor and majority of first floor was delivered early this week. 
  2. The second floor lobby glass railing work has started.
  3. The exterior flatwork is ongoing with the work outside of the lobby 50% complete. 
  4. The parking lot and drive coming in from main street are in the final stages of prep for asphalt next week (weather depending). Our site team has been focusing on keeping the concrete trucks on the approved routes so as to not ruin the prep work.
  5. The pond is complete! We had the native plantings contractor on site this morning to discuss the best time and way to install the plugs that will go at some of the lower areas of the pond. We are planning to start them next week as to give the plugs time to settle prior to completing the final storm tie ins at the south side of the pond. We learned that these plugs can be planted in up to 18” of standing water, which will help in case we go back into rainy weather.


created Jun 27, 2019 updated Jul 12, 2019