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7/5/19 Update

  1. The garage ADA ramp has been poured which means we can now start to move trades out of that space to prep for the epoxy.
  2. The detention fixtures are being installed and the specialty plank ceilings are in the final stages of completion.
  3. The storm shelter shrouds are installed as I mentioned above.
  4. These cover the 90 degree bends that all of the mechanical piping coming into the storm shelter makes. These are required per the ICC 500 building code that applies to all storm shelters and are made of ¼” steel.
  5. The skylight at the main stair has been installed.
  6. The initial pond native plantings have been installed at the owest areas to prep for the final storm tie-ins that will inevitably start to fill it.


created Jul 08, 2019 updated Jul 23, 2019