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City's LED Streetlight Retrofit Program Nets $12,000 in Energy Savings its First Year

Program Now in its Second Year


Last year, the City of St. Charles launched a program to replace streetlights with more energy-efficient LED lights and completed more than 300 retrofits in various areas of the City. The program netted the City an estimated $12,000 in energy savings last year. The City is continuing the program this year and expects to replace approximately another 400 streetlights.

Following the success of the program last year, the St. Charles Electric Utility applied for an Energy Efficiency Grant from the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA), the City’s wholesale power supplier. IMEA awarded the City $33,762, which has allowed the program to expand for this year.   The City owns and maintains over 3,300 streetlights throughout the City.  Retrofits are expected to continue over the coming years.

St. Charles Electric Services Manager Thomas Bruhl stresses the value of the LED replacement program, “Our streetlight LED retrofit program supports the City’s goals in a number of ways. First, the LED fixtures provide better visibility for pedestrians and motorists. The new lights also fulfill our sustainability mission as they typically use just 40% of the energy that the old high-pressure sodium lights consume. Also, because the LED lights have a longer lifespan, we will realize reduced maintenance costs.”

Benefits of LED Streetlight Replacements:

Consistent quality and evenly distributed light allows a clearer view of the road and pedestrians in or near the roadway
10-year lifetime warranty
Approximately 50% lower energy costs decrease in annual expenses for streetlight maintenance

updated Dec 02, 2019