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July 4th Celebrations Thru the Years

When you head down to Pottawatomie Park to enjoy St. Charles’ 4th of July Celebration, know that you are continuing a longstanding community tradition. We’re celebrating the City’s 185th Anniversary and wanted to share a few images form past 4th of July celebrations. What are some of your earliest memories of celebrating the holiday in St. Charles? Let us know! Photos courtesy of the St. Charles History Museum.

Residents and visitors celebrate the 4th of July holiday in Pottawatomie Park, 1915.

July 4th Parade

Venetian boat parades and Regatta boat parades were popular events in St. Charles in the early part of the 20th Century. These parades on the Fox River often took place over the 4th of July celebrations or in conjunction with the St. Charles Day Festival, which eventually became the St. Charles Fall Festival. This photo, from the early 1900s, shows one of these parades.

updated Jul 22, 2019