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Reported River Rescue at the Fox River Dam

City of St. Charles, Illinois – At 1:59 this morning, the St. Charles Fire Department was dispatched to a reported river rescue concerning a boat over the Fox River Dam and a possible victim in the water. Fire units were on the scene by 2:00 and found a boat over the dam, and trapped in the boil, however; there was no indication of a victim in the water. Firefighters utilized a Fire Department boat to access the boat in the dam and to search it for possible victims. None were found in the boat or in the water. A rope was attached to the boat and it was removed from the boil so that a further search could be completed. This search was again negative. Utilizing registration information on the boat, the St. Charles Police Department has been attempting to locate its owner. The boat was removed to the canoe launch at Mount Saint Mary Park where arrangements are being made to have it removed from the river. At this time, this incident is being treated as a boat that came loose from its moorings. Further information will be available once the owner is located.

created Jul 23, 2019 updated Jul 29, 2019